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Data and supplemental materials


Local Linkages project:

Qualitative ratings employed in this project utilize formal legal texts, government documents, secondary literature and in some cases
international NGO ratings. Each such rating is explained in detail with reference to specific sources in a supplementary working paper.

For "Decentralization, Local Government and the Welfare State", this supporting document contains ratings for 1995 for 21 developed

"Comparing Local Government in Developed Democracy: Selected Indicators " (Working Paper 2006) (including documentation and citations for "Decentralization, Local Government and the Welfare State").

For Multilevel Democracy, the Dataset has been expanded and updated. The new version includes ratings for 2005, and an expanded selection of indicators, including codings of local government functional authority in specific sectors and institutions within local governments. Data files employed also include supplemental worksheets that aggregate variations in coding among federal units, that tabulate cross-national survey results on participation in civic and political organizations, and that document the sources and calculation methods for the historical data on local public expenditures.

Multilevel Democracy, Online Supplementary Document (includes detailed sources for numerous tables and figures, and additional tables and figures referred to in the book) (on the Cambridge University Press website)

Local Linkages Data file (Harvard Dataverse)

Local Linkages Codebook and Source List (Harvard Dataverse)

Worksheets for aggregating subnational Local Linkages metrics in federal countries (Harvard Dataverse)

Multilevel Democracy: Tabulation of survey data (Tables 3.10 and 3.11) (Harvard Dataverse)

Multilevel Democracy: Historical Local Expenditures, 1850 - 2010 (Figures 6.1 - 6.3) (Excel file)


International Metropolitan Observatory Project:

The Political Ecology of the Metropolis (ECPR Press, 2013):

Web appendix, with supplementary regression tables as cited in the volume for French, German, Spanish and concluding chapters.

The dataset includes primary turnout and partisanship data assembled by the research team for eleven countries (United States,
Canada, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel. For most countries
this data was made available in a compiled format for the first time for this study. For the United States, the electoral datset was
constructed based on data from state, county and municipal elections offices in sixteen states. Data is available on request for
the United States and most other countries in the dataset, for replication or further analysis. Please contact

Inequality and Governance the Metropolis (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2017):

The dataset includes data assembled by research teams for eleven countries (United States, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and South Africa. For most countries, electoral and demographic data compiled from selected metropolitan regions at the municipal scale for The Political Ecology of the Metropolis was employed to analyze interlocal variations in municipal expenditures and revenues. Data is available on request for the United States at For other countries, please contact the lead author of the country chapter.


Urban Environmental Governance project:

"Understanding the dynamics of urban form: A comparison of Chinese and Indian cases", Landscape and Urban Planning
(revise and resubmit).

Urban metrics derived from Landsat remote sensing images for 20 Chinese and Indian cities from 1970s to 2000s, to be made available on publication in an online Mendeley dataset.


Global Observatory on Decentralization and Local Democracy:

United Cities and Local Governaments, First Global Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy (2008).

Country Fact Sheets (Baseline data by country, compiled for First GOLD Report) (2007-2010)


Other Datasets:

Replication Dataset for "From Within to Between Nations: Subnational Comparison Across Borders", in Perspectives on Politics (2019) (Tabuation of monographs and articles employing subnational comparison, 1989-2016) (Dataset at Harvard Dataverse).












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