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Publications and Papers

Working papers:

The Localization of Territorial identity: Citizen Attachment in an Era of Globalziation (lead author, with Anders Lidström and
Sun-Young Kwak).

"Dynamics of Urban Land Expansion in a Chinese and an Indian Region" (lead author, with Huang, J., Kumar, U., and Ramachandra, T. V.).

"Dynamics of Spatial Inequality in Suburban India: Evidence from Remote Sensing and Residential Property Markets” (lead author, with Wang, J.)

"Infrstructure and Inequality in a Globalizing Indian Region: Residential Property Markets in Bengaluru (lead author, with Sarain, A. L.)

Books, articles and book chapters:

"Understanding the dynamics of urban form: A comparison of Chinese and Indian cases", Landscape and Urban Planning
(revise and resubmit) (Lead author, with Huang, J., Ramachandra, T. V., Kumar, U.).

Multilevel Democracy: How Local Institutions and Civil Society Shape the Modern State
(Cambridge University Press, January 2020) (lead author, with Anders Lidström and Yooil Bae).

"An Exploration on Chinese City Size Ranking: A Comparison of City Built-up Area Based on Remote Sensing Data", China City Planning Review 19 (2019, forthcoming) (with Huang, J., Xu, M. and Liu, Y.).

"From Within to Between Nations: Subnational Comparison Across Borders", Perspectives on Politics 17(1): 85-105 (2019).

”Modelling Urban Dynamics along Two Major Industrial Corridors in India”, Spatial Information Research (2018) (with Ramachandra, T.V., Bharath, H.A. and Vinay, S.).

"An Exploration of Multi-Scale Network Structure of the Yangtze River Middle Reaches Urban Agglomerations Based on an Interlocking Model" Urban and Rural Planning 5: 65-75 (2017) (with Huang, J., Chen, S. and Xing, X.).

"Measuring the Difference Between Coastal and Inland Urban Agglomerations: A Comparison between Wuhan Metropolitan Area and Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration Based on Urban Flows”, Modern Urban Research 7: 114-123 (2017) (with Huang, J., Wang, C., and Zhang, L.).

"Métropolisation, intercommunalité et inégalités socio-spatiales. Une approche par la fiscalité, les transferts et la dépense publique, Sociétés contemporaines 107: 79-108 (2017) (with Galemberti, D. and Pinson, G.).

Inequality and Governance in the Metropolis: Regimes of Place Equality and Fiscal Choices in Eleven Countries. London: Palgrave-
MacMillan, 2017. (Lead editor, with Marta Arretche, Daniel Kübler, and Eran Razin).

"Place, Metropolitan Inequality and Governance: A Framework for Comparative Analysis" (Introductory chapter).

"Contested Metropolis: Inequality and the Politics of Metropolitan Governance in the United States". (lead author, with Petroy, E. and Hondagneu-Messner, S.)

"Conclusion". (lead author, with Arretche, M., Kübler, D. and Razin, E.)

"Urban Governance and Institutions in the Developed and Developing Worlds: Toward a Comparative Historical Perspective" Croatian and Comparative Public Administration 16(3), 459-478 (2016)

Neighborhoods in a New Era: The Politics of Neighborhood Revitalization in the Post-Industrial City. Chicago, IL:
University of Chicago Press, 2015 (Co-author, with Clarence Stone, Robert Stoker, John Betancur, Susan Clarke, Marilyn
Dantico, Martin Horak, Karen Mossberger, Juliet Musso, Ellen Shiau, Harold Wolman, and Donn Worgs).

"“City Fragmentation and Neighborhood Connections: The Political Dynamics of Community Revitalization in Los Angeles,”" (with Shiau, E. and Musso, J.).

"Trois modèles de gouvernance multiniveau au-delà du clivage état-société", Téléscope, 19(1): 62 - 84 (2013) (Link to English

The Political Ecology of the Metropolis: Metropolitan Sources of Electoral Behavior in Eleven Countries. (Essex and New
York: ECPR Press and Columbia University Press, 2013) (lead editor, with Kübler, Daniel; Walter-Rogg, Melanie; and Walks,
W. Alan).

"Introduction: The Metropolitanization of Politics," in Jefferey Sellers, Daniel Kübler, Melanie Walter-Rogg and Alan
Walks (eds.), The Political Ecology of the Metropolis (lead author, with Alan Walks).

"Place, Institutions and the Political Ecology of U.S. Metropolitan Areas," in Jefferey Sellers, Daniel Kübler, Melanie
Walter-Rogg and Alan Walks (eds.), The Political Ecology of the Metropolis

"The Emerging Metropolitan Political Ecology of France," in Jefferey Sellers, Daniel Kübler, Melanie Walter-Rogg and
Alan Walks (eds.), The Political Ecology of the Metropolis (lead author, with Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot)

"Conclusion: Metropolitan Political Behavior in Comparative Pespective," in Jefferey Sellers, Daniel Kübler, Melanie
Walter-Rogg and Alan Walks (eds.), The Political Ecology of the Metropolis (lead author, with Daniel Kübler, Alan
Walks, Melanie Walter- Rogg and Philippe Rochat).

"State and Society in Local Governance: Lessons from a Multilevel Comparison", International Journal of Urban and
Regional Research
(2011) (with Sun-Young Kwak).

"State-Society Relations (Beyond the Weberian State)," in Mark Bevir (ed.), Sage Handbook of Governance (2010).

"Desalination Policy in a Multilevel Regulatory State" in Cesar Nava Escudero, Gerardo Hiriart Le Bert (eds.), Desalaction de agua
con energias renovables, pp. 173-188 (Mexico City: National Autonomous University of Mexico Press, 2008).

"Sociolegal Studies and Urban Governance: Mapping an Interdisciplinary Frontier," Canadian Journal of Law and Society 22(2):
245-248 (2007).

"A Global Comparative Analysis of Urban Form: Applying Remote Sensing and GIS" Landscape and Urban Planning 82 (4):
184-197 (2007)(with Jingan Huang and Xi Xi Lu).

"Globalization, the Developmental State and the Politics of Urban Growth in Korea: A Multi-level Analysis" International Journal
of Urban and Regional Research
31 (3), pp. 543-560 (2007)(with Y. Bae) .

"Decentralization, Local Govenment and the Welfare State" Governance 20 (4): 609-632 (2007(with Anders Lidström) ).

"Comparing Local Government in Developed Democracy: Selected Indicators " (Working Paper 2006) (including documentation and
citations for "Decentralization, Local Government and the Welfare State")).

"Metropolitan Governance," in United Cities and Local Governments, World Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy,
pp. 255-279. Barcelona: United Cities and Local Governments, 2007(with Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot) .

"North America," in United Cities and Local Governments, World Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy, pp. 232-251. Barcelona: United Cities and Local Governments, 2007.

"Unions and the Strategic Context of Local Governance," in L. Turner and D. Cornfield (eds.), Labor in the New Urban Battlegrounds, pp. 35-52. (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2007).

Metropolitanization and Political Change (Wiesbaden: Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2005) (French translation, CNRS Press 2007(with Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot) (eds.)).

Excerpts: "Metropolitanization in the United States: From Single Model to Multiple Patterns" (sole-authored chapter)

"Conclusion: The Metropolitanization of Politics" (co-authored with Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot)

"Re-Placing the Nation: An Agenda for Comparative Urban Politics," Urban Affairs Review 40(4): 419-445 (2005).

"The Suburbanization of Statewide Growth Management Legislation in the United States" (Report to Brookings Institution, 2004).

"Urbanization and the Social Origins of National Policies Toward Sprawl," in H. Richardson and C. Bae (eds.), Urban Sprawl in Western Europe and the United States, pp. 195-214 (London: Ashgate, 2004).

"Transnational Urban Associations and the State in Contemporary Europe: A Rebirth of the Hansa League?", European Yearbook of
Administrative History
15: 289-308.(2003).

Review of Michael Peter Smith, Transnational Urbanism: Locating Globalization, Perspectives on Politics 1 (2003).

"Toward a Comparative Historical Perspective on the Politics of Sprawl: California and Oregon Compared," Paper presented at Urban Affairs Association Annual Meeting, 2001 (PDF file of text and table).

"The Nation-State and Urban Governance: Toward Multi-level Analysis," Urban Affairs Review 37:611-641 (May 2002).

"Federalism and Metropolitan Governance: The Case of Urban Sprawl" Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 20 (2002): 95-112.
Governing From Below: Urban Regions and the Global Economy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002).
"Translocal Orders and Urban Environmentalism: Lessons from a German and a United States City," in Terry Clark and Keith Hoggart (Eds.), Citizen Responsive Government (Westport, Connecticut: JAI, 2000).
"Public Goods and the Politics of Segregation," Journal of Urban Affairs 21(2) (1999), 237-262.
"Place, Post-industrial Change and the New Left," European Journal of Political Research, 33(2) (1998), 187-217.

Review of Richard Locke, Remaking the Italian EconomyPolitische Vierteljahresschrift 2 (1997), 430-431 (in German).

"Die postindustrielle neue Rechte und das politische System,"Berliner Debatte: Initial, 5 (1996), 125-128.

Review of Hans-Georg Betz, Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe, Politische Vierteljahresschrift (March 1996), 196-198 (in German).

"Norms in the Politics of Housing for Minorities," Ethnic and Racial Studies 19(3) (1996), 585-608.

"Litigation as a Local Political Resource," Law and Society Review 29(3) (1995), 475-516.

"Decontrol and Regulatory Legitimacy:  The Case of the Entitlements Program," 37 Administrative Law Review 281 (1985).

"Public Enforcement of the Freedom of Information Act," 2 Yale Law & Policy Review 78 (1984).

"Regulatory Values and the Exceptions Process," 93 Yale Law Journal 938 (1984).












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